Morrison Digital Trumpet Answers

I get so many people asking me questions about my Morrison Digital Trumpet that I thought I'd compile an FAQ here.



Having gained an overbite as I got older, playing an 'analogue' trumpet became harder and harder - cutting the inside of my top lip each time I played just a couple of songs. This Digital Trumpet has reopened my ability to play great sounding and long lasting music - more than I could in my years of playing a 'real' trumpet. And I'm no longer restricted just to a trumpet!
You can get a hard time from those who play a 'real' instrument, but it's 99% of the time because they think they know what it can do and will sound like but haven't experienced it for them selves. I know it's sound isn't a 100% match to a real trumpet, piccolo trumpet, fugal, tuba, sax, cello, clarinet, flute, guitar. . . . etc, but I'll never learn all these (or afford to buy them or cart them around to play.) If you walk into a room it will fool most people to thinking it is the real thing being played - until they can't find it in the band. I love just being able to add to music groups that extra instrument a song needs. Playing guitar really freaks people out! . . . oh and no, I don't work for these people nor get a commission for sales - though should, don't you think??


Pics: (Best pics can be seen at  but here's some you won't see there)

Can you spot me playing 'French Horn' on the MDT?

Analogue and Digital

Some pics of a clear version I got a hold of: