Finding unclaimed prizes and winning on loosing tickets!

$1000 on a ticket in a rubbish bin.

I have collected many winning tickets over the years that had been thrown away by the person who'd bought them! A lady in the USA has found $1000 on a ticket that was in a rubbish bin!!! One day I'll find $250,000 on a ticket that someone has overlooked, you wait and see! (but don't hold your breath)

As well as winning tickets I have found100's of tickets with part or a whole game or set of numbers that have not been scratched. This means that I had a first hand chance of winning the major prize without purchasing the ticket.

Why used tickets still have prizes on them.

Many tickets have prizes on them that people miss. Here are some Australian tickets that can be confusing to play or can be misread, making the chance of someone missing a prize on the ticket greater.

  • Difference to the normal games...

When I first checked this ticket I found, I thought that in each game I had to find three dices of the same values like the first 4 games required but in the two extra games at the bottom you have to add them up to equal 7 or 11. It's in big letters but is also easy to presume all games are the same as the set out is the same and on many other different tickets it is the case of two bonus games that are played the same way.

Another game has a game where you need the sequence 321 as a count down. It's right next to a game where you need 3 of a kind. people presume both are 'match 3' as that's what is normally is and they get caught out


  • Miss counting...

This ticket is fun to check and what makes it even better it that there is a large chance of the original owner doing something wrong.

To play, you scratch the dice throw, count around the board its value, scratch where you land and when you finish all the dice throws you check to see if you have scratched any complete sets of houses.

All you need is someone to move to many or to little paces, count a dice throw twice or skip one, scratch everything because they don't know what they are doing or just over look a set of houses they matched.


  • Deceptive latex...

I had great delight collecting these tickets (left). Can you see where they have missed scratching all of the games? Well underneath the words 'merry xmas' is a match 3 numbers game. It looked just like it had been printed and obviously most of the people who bought this ticket thought so too. I would say about 90% of these tickets I found did not have that game scratched!!

This is one of the most common mistakes I see. Parts of ticket not scratched because the latex is so colourful and matches the ticket so well that some people don't realise that have not finished scratching all of the ticket. 


  • Missed Opportunities...

This game you have to match the numbers on the call card, top numbers, with your numbers, bottom numbers, (why it is called bingo I guess).

I found a few of these tickets that didn't have all the numbers scratched correctly and I even won $4 on one of them!

January 21, 1999 - Today I found $5 on a ticket like this making it the 3rd prize form a Bingo ticket. What made this find even better is that they had scratch it correctly and it was staring them in the face except the latex was yellow and the background was white hence making it very hard to see any winning patterns.


Folded over

If you are lucky you will find, very occasionally, a couple of tickets that are folded back to back, still joined with the one on the back forgotten about and hasn't been scratched at all!


Make money from tickets grammar mistakes

A grammar expert once discovered a mistake in the grammar of a scratch ticket's instructions on how to win the game. He won over $100 000, plus 5 years interest, from the people who produced the ticket. (I can't remember the exact figures)

Here's an example of what to look for...

This tickets wording is: 'match three identical numbers' so I don't think it wins.


This is an example of the ticket he had. The instructions are 'Match three [3] numbers to win the amount under "prize".' Now common sense tells you to match three numbers like 444 or 222 BUT if you read the question another way, which the grammar expert did, you can match 3 numbers like 9&9 2&2 and 8&8, like my example to the left which would win $200,000!! So all you people who have old tickets or collect them, check the wording!
Ticket produces nearly always give you 3 pairs of numbers in these games. This is done so that you think you are going to win. Having two pairs already it looks like you will win but the last number always lets you down. By having 3 pairs of numbers, which ever sequence you scratch the numbers in you will allows have two pairs of numbers complete before you scratch the last number. With this little trick it backfires on them because with their wording nearly every ticket won the major prize! Check your old tickets now!!