Some great reasons to collect Scratch Tickets:

  • There are new tickets issued regularly

This makes the hobby interesting, not having to wait very long to see another new and different issue come out.

  • It's world wide

Most countries have them and people around the world will trade with you at the drop of a hat! Especially on the Internet.

  • Small is good

Being small cardboard items makes it easy to keep them together in albums. Even better it's a lot cheaper to post tickets than it is many other collectables when you trade with others.

  • Many different collection variations to concentrate on.

Wether it be Collection concentrated on Location in the world or country, theme on the ticket, if the tickets left unscratched or collected second hand or even if you concentrate on just $1 tickets, there is no denying that there are so many collection variables

  • You don't have to buy any

Depending on your collection type (eg scratched or mint tickets) you don't have to spend any money to collect tickets.

  • Design

Some tickets have really good photos, drawings, comics, themes, colours, or sets to collect. It's a very colourful hobby

  • Getting in first

Scratch tickets are starting to become valuable , like stamps and phone cards. Start collecting now while they are becoming popular and you will have the upper hand in a few years time by having older tickets which are worth more. I wonder how many people wish they had kept their old stamps, coins or phone cards before people started to collect them?!

  • Win bonus money

There is always a chance, with second chance tickets anyway, that you will find prizes on your tickets. This makes it a little more interesting and can be a good motivator to collect more tickets. The more you collect the more chances you have of finding prizes people have missed.