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Ralph Magasine Interview 2002

2000 Russel Gilbert show

I was approached to appear in the "Russel Gilbert Show" in Y2K by Australia's biggest television network. Unfortunately Russel's show didn't go too well and was axed before I got on. Oh well.

February 2000 site review,  Netweek Magazine

I received an E-mail form Netweek magazine saying this site has been featured in their magazine. They offered a complementary magazine, I accepted and they delivered quickly.

Unfortunately the paragraphs came under an "Internet Bizarre" section and was surrounded by deserving sites such as a 'Dog do do delivery site'. Lotology is obviously still seen as an unrecognized hobby and a joke to those how haven't thought about it. Can you imagine someone collecting second hand postage stamps? What a freak they would be! How worthless!!!

Anyway... it's all exposure to the new hobby and I must admit it is a great magazine, best net mag I've seen so far!

Here's what appeared in the February 2000 edition:

Scottie's Australian Lotology

Melbournian Scott Wegener is a lotologist, an expert in the sturdy of the lottery. After collecting over 14,000 used lottery tickets Scott has won over $60 in cold hard cash.. A regular update of the latest scratch tickets can be found on his site, as well as overseas news and tips for those who share Scott's collecting passion for collecting. You too can learn successful bin scavenging techniques from a man who knows the biz.

Not all the fact's are straight as you would find out while surfing through this site but it's another drop in the bucket for lotology!

LookSmart - World Wide Weird,

I actually appeared on this site and had a link to the article but it's been removed and do you think I have a copy of it?...NO! Whoops!


September 99 site review,  Net Guide Magazine

I was contacted via E-mail by a writer for Net Guide Magazine, which is in circulation throughout Australia and New Zealand. He was doing an article on collectors and their successful web sites. I sent him some info about my site and here's what appeared in the September 1999 edition of the Australian Net Guide. (featured months earlier in the N.Z. edition)

The 1st mention is on page 7, From the Editor....

.... Also, Nigel Horrocks Discovers an increasing number of collectors are using the Net as the medium to grow their stockpile of treasures. Many are using auction sites as places to trade for the items they are looking for, while some have dedicated Web sites to the cause. People seem to be collecting everything from travel sickness bags to used lottery tickets.

Here's the reference to my site in the article on page 38...

There is a fine line between collectors and hoarders. Local collector Scott Wegener obviously doesn't like to throw anything away, even if it is definitely worthless. He collects used lottery-type tickets. He gives himself respectability by calling himself a 'lotologist'. Scott says until he put up his site, he didn't know of anyone else who collected discarded tickets a began to think that he was in fact as crazy as people said. One month later, He had his first email from another collector. now he has met so many collectors - including those in the USA, Romania, Israel, and Spain - it's coasting him a fortune in Postage to trade tickets. When you're desperate for something, you get imaginative about how to do deals. He has traded overseas Discarded tickets for Disneyland maps, business cards, two-minute noodle collector cards and postcards of trams.

I don't agree with everything he said, especially the bit about the tickets being worthless!!! He had a bit of a slag at all of the collectors and their collectors actually but at least it was free nation wide promotion for Lotology!