My Profile

  • NAME: Scott Wegener

  • BORN: Melbourne, Victoria Australia 1977


  • NUMBER OF PACIFIC CROSSING: 3 (to go to Disneyland)

  • EDUCATION: High School + Advanced Certificate in Interactive Multimedia and Motion Graphics

  • WHAT I DO FOR A LIVING: Own my own business creating Web sites and Multimedia (CD-ROMS)

  • COLLECTED SINCE: Some time between 1985 and 1988 canít pin a date on it yet, I was only about 10 years old!!

  • OTHER COLLECTIONS: Lotís of stuff! Promotional scratch cards, Transportation tickets, competition ice cream sticks, bullet cartridges, BMW models and books, Disneyland maps and aerial photos, all other theme park maps and aerial photography. I Used to collect Stamps, Tazos, how and why books, Mr. men books. see here

  • CURRENT LOCATION: Lived in Melbourne Australia all my life. I've been to USA 3 times and Iím NOT considering moving!!   :P 

  • PERSONAL: Married - to my high-school sweetheart.

  • LOTOLOGY PRIORITIES: To promote Aussie tickets and lotology in general.

  • TICKET INTERESTS: All of Australiaís tickets, especially Victorian tickets

  • COLLECT: Scratched only.

  • SPECIAL THANK YOU: My wife and father for their support. See here for all other contributors

  • NORMAL DAY IS: 30 minutes e-mail answering, web site creation and usually end up playing computer games. Working for yourself is great!

  • NUMBER OF TICKETS: 10,000+ click here

  • MOST ENJOYABLE PART OF LOTOLOGY: Finding winners or unscratched tickets in the rubbish bins.

  • MOST ANNOYING PART OF LOTOLOGY: Mostly not having the time or money to trade worldwide anymore!! I wish I was retired and could devote all my time to this, I guess because I am so young I will be able to see the prices go up over the next 50 years!!!

  • MOST SURPRISING PART OF LOTOLOGY:  That there was actually someone besides myself out there collecting this stuff! before this web site I knew of no one in the world who collected them.

  • LOTOLOGY PET PEEVE: No dates on tickets and that they are not yet a recognized collectable to everyone on the street!

  • GREATEST HOBBY FEAR: That Iíll loose all my tickets in a house fire and have to decide whether to start collecting again or not.

  • FAVORITE STATE: Victoria, Australia


  • FAVORITE TICKET: no specific ticket, innovative extended play tickets, photo tickets and ones with confusing games or layouts that cause people to miss prizes!

  • FAVORITE MINT TICKET: Any cause Iíll scratch it (sorry mint collectors)

  • PERSONAL BEST LOTTO PLAY: Never played, waste of money IMO

  • PERSONAL BEST INSTANT PLAY: never bought one but have found over $150 so far. $25 best so far on 1 ticket but will improve on that. For a found prize list click here


  1. How I started collecting.

  2. Jeff Hungerford (Illinois) contacting me about my web site on scratch tickets. 

Click here to read about them.

  • CHANGE I WOULD LIKE TO SEE IN THE LOTTERY BUSINESS: More help from the Australian Lotteries 

  • RECOMMENDATION FOR A NEW LOTOLOGIST: Heaps better than stamps and other collectables. You can collect as wide or narrowly a subject as you want. Always a chance of finding a winner too!! see here also