Aussie Lotto Shop Photos

Australia has no vending machines for scratch tickets like some countries. All tickets are bought over a counter, either in a lottery shop or in a shop called a Newsagent. Here's some pics to show all those overseas how it's done down under!

This is a typical Newsagent. A store found everywhere (in big shopping malls and out on the streets). This shop sells lottery draw and scratch tickets as possibly 50% of its earnings (note that not all news agents sell lottery items.) These store's also sell newspapers, magazines, stationery, greeting cards and other items. Australia has very, very few news paper dispensers on the streets. This is where most people get their papers, magazines or birthday cards etc.

Ringwood Square Lotto (Victoria).
Very helpful with information and extremely friendly!
Thanks guys!

Forest Hill Lotteries (Victoria) also Very helpful with information and extremely friendly! Thanks guys!

This is a pure lottery sales store in Victoria. These shops are located throughout the state and sell all the lottery draws, scratch tickets and....well.... that's just about it! It's kind of the opposite of a bank, you give them money and they don't give it back :P

This is what the front serving counter looks like in most news agents and lottery stores.  Customers can look and choose which tickets catches their eye and the shop assistant pulls out a ticket (from top of picture) and tears off the amount they wish to buy.

OOOOOOOO!!! Look at all those Mint tickets!!!

This is the business end of the scratch tickets (well for the collectors anyway).

In front is the 'R2D2'. A little rubbish bin on wheels, about waste hight' with a slot in it.

People can scratch on the side of the bin and then 'mail' it to us collectors (or gets thrown out if no collectors empty the bin first). The side of these bins have different advertising posters placed in them, usually for scratch tickets games or big lotto draws.

I have discovered a Boronia Newsagent (which isn't mentioned on this page) that actually goes through this 'R2D2' bin and uses the codes on the tickets to check all the tickets quickly and pick up some extra cash from those who miss prizes. Apparently agents are allowed to do this.

The table behind is a typical Victorian scratch table which also has the lottery draw forms to pick your numbers on and then get them registered at the counter.

The 'R2D2', 
a scratchie bin on wheels.