My scratch ticket collection

I started collecting used scratch tickets when I was about 11 years old in the late 1989

My collection as of June 2002 consisted of:
  • 1,550+ different Australian scratch tickets
  • Spares / trades:

$1 - 7,300+
$2 - 5,800+
$3 - 430+
$4 - 450+
$5 - 520+
$10 - 130+

  • A face value of $30,000+ 
    (to buy every Australian ticket new)
  • Overseas tickets 1,600+
  • 18,000+  total tickets

Me (Scotttie) and most of my collection in June 2000 (Age 22)

  • The majority of tickets are from Victoria, Australia
  • I also have Australian tickets from N.S.W., QLD, S.A., W.A. and N.T.
  • Overseas tickets from Austria, U.S.A., Canada, UK, Belgium, Greece, Israel, Italy, Vietnam, Romania, Malta, France, Slovakia, Philippines, China and N.Z.
  • This collection is very unique as I have never bought a scratch ticket and never will, this collection was entirely found, received or swapped!

Here's my storage Facility...

Pink Box: Current Paddle pop competition 'holding bay'.

Brown Box: Incompatible sized Ticket storage

Black Box: Overseas/interstate ticket 'holding bay' (before counting and cataloging)

Little brown Box: Melbourne transportation tickets

White box: sports, cereal & other trading cards & tickets

Brown Cardboard Box: Pez Items ready for trade

Orange Box: Collection of theme park entrance tickets, movie tickets, product promotional scratch tickets, McDonalds competitions and other 'ticket' like good for trade.

Boxes in ticket box: Current ticket 'holding bay' uncounted/uncatalogued tickets Box covered in tickets: Contains ripped and un-tradable tickets Folder Holder: 1. Ticket catalogues
2.Victorian set
3.NSW & QLD set
SA,WA & NT set
Winning tickets & special Overseas Tickets / Phone cards
6.Collector trading post newspapers & counter calculator

Third floor: General Australian scratch ticket trades 

Second floor: Australian $1 scratch ticket trades all divided and labeled.
Middle box with Victorian $3 and $4 scratch ticket trades.

Ground floor: Box of Overseas tickets, another 2 boxes of paddle pop sticks and prizes. First floor: Victorian $2 scratch ticket trades all divided and labeled. middle box with Victorian $5 and $10 scratch ticket trades.

I need to find more Australian scratch ticket collectors!
If you have any information, collect or know of someone who collect's Australian scratch tickets, contact me.

Due to my busy schedule, unfortunately my love of ticket collecting hobby has taken a back seat. And so I have stopped all trading temporarily. 

I will continue again in 50 years time, when I retire, or sell the entire collection (above), for the right offer,  in the mean time.