Does Australia have the worlds best tickets?

I am probably a little influenced by the fact that I live in Australia but with the evidence below you can judge for yourself if Australia has the best looking Scratch tickets. Leave your comment's at the bottom!

- The Artworks

The cartoon artworks are often so 'Disney' like in their colors and expressions.
trop.gif (22829 bytes)
(note that this ticket is actually a scratch and sniff ticket in real life! And no it doesn't work on this web page so don't bother trying:)

- The Images

Many Aussie tickets have some great photo's as the background.
tiger.gif (26672 bytes) cano.gif (18282 bytes)

- The Animals

Many photos or artworks are based on Aussie animals. Australia has some very unique animals that add to a tickets charm.
plat.gif (18391 bytes)

- The Innovation

Aussie tickets are not just your regular old match 3 and win

  • We have various "extended play" games to play like Monopoly and Snakes & Ladders where  you scratch the dice and move that many spaces. Crossword puzzles and of course bingo, (which most countries have).
  • We occasionally get various tickets cut out into shapes, not just rectangular.
  • Recently a $1 ticket has been scratch and sniff as well as the actually game.
    snakes.jpg (33151 bytes)race.gif (22793 bytes)

- Popular Themes

Aussie tickets sometimes run in with significant events happening around the time. For example:

  • Batman and robin set with real images of them from the movie
  • Melbourne Grand Prix
  • Horse racing carnivals - Melbourne Cup
  • Football Season sets
  • Even has a set with Patrick Ewing, Shaun Kemp and Dennis Rodman on some 'Slam Dunk' tickets.
    bat.gif (24984 bytes)foot.gif (13570 bytes)

- The Sheen

This in one aspect that I think separates Australian tickets from many other countries. Many overseas tickets have a mat finish, however Aussie tickets have a shiny finish just like the glossy magazines do. This really is a huge difference and makes them almost 'glow'! Cant really show you a scan of this can I. Unfortunately it's this 'sheen' that makes them harder to scan.

- The Latex

This may seem like a strange one but the Latex I find is a lot 'creamier' or thicker than with some overseas tickets. It probably comes off a little easier and has recently had imprints of the producers name in it. It could be just me But I much prefer our latex. Again I cant really show you this with any scans.