Lotology Interview Series

Lotto shop ticket seller in Victoria Australia

I had the privilege of interviewing someone in Melbourne who sells Scratch tickets and other lottery items. They gave some interesting answers.

  • How long have you been selling scratch tickets?

11 years

  • What is the most popular scratchie denomination sold?


  • Do any particular themed ticket editions seem to sell faster?

Grand Prix; Scratch Match and Drive; Melbourne Cup; Christmas Scratchies

  • The $1 tickets only offer such a small commission, are they worth selling?

They actually offer the best commission percentage wise!

  • What percentage of sales are scratchies as opposed to lottery draw tickets?

Around 10%

  • Have you noticed people following superstitions with their scratchie purchases?
  1. Once you've won don't buy any more
  2. Speculate to accumulate
  3. Only buy with winning money
  • What are the most scratchies in a complete row that you have sold joined together.


  • What is the highest amount won on a scratchie that you have witnessed from your store?


  • How many division 1 winning Lottery draw tickets have you sold?

Over 20

  • Are you allowed to purchase scratchies being an employee?


  • Do you see many people going through the bins for scratchies?


  • Are they mostly kids, poorer people or all types of people doing it?

They seem to be all types of people