Luck, God &
Number combinations

This article is purely IMO (in my opinion)

Is there such thing as luck?

There are many different ways people use lucky numbers or superstition to choose lotto numbers, horses or even generally live their lives by. Whether these numbers come from family & friends Birthdays, Horoscope predictions, patterns or numerous other ways the question arises does luck or superstition really exist?

The dictionary defines Luck as a force that either brings good or bad fortune. There are many people around who swear that they have a lucky number or other Ďthingsí that bring good luck. These people can give you examples of how their lucky things have brought good fortune over the years.

There is however some good reasons why they think these things have brought luck.

Probably the biggest reason you someone thinks something has brought them luck is because they were looking for it. Hereís an example; There are say 20 lotto draws in a row with none of your lucky numbers in it. You take no notice of every number that was drawn, some drawn multiple times. In the 21st draw you see your number and say, "thereís my lucky number" when in fact other numbers have been appearing more frequently. Because you were looking for it you Ďseeí or recognize it more often and then think itís more frequent. (works a little like the saying "why do I always get the red traffic lights!" you haven't in fact, you just notice them because they affect you more)

Another reason you might find something to be lucky is by using your number repetitively in every thing you do. For example if you entered hundreds of lotto draws, horse races, gambling games and other events with numbers. You will see your number come up frequently, but the fact is that many other numbers have also come up more frequently!

If there was such thing as luck, why wouldnít it work on the lotto?

If luck were guaranteed to work what would happen if there were 3 people (p1, p2, & p3) all with 1 different lucky numbered ball each totalling the 3 balls in a hat. What happens if luck were to be true and you draw one ball out of the hat? Whose lucky number will be drawn first second and then third time around? Not all 3 can have their lucky number drawn in the first draw or any other draw. Over time all 3 would get their number drawn but was that luck or was it the odds of each ball being drawn out coming into play? I put it to you that your ball will come out on average 1 in every 3 times. It works the same if you used the unlucky numbers of the 3 people and also like in real life if you were to extend the number off balls the the same as in a lottery draw.

Hereís another scenario; if one person had a lucky number, which was in the hat, and the other two had a lucky number that were not one of the 3 balls in the hat. Would the same lucky number for person 1 be drawn over and over again? I think it would still be drawn on average every third time, just as the odds state.

Ok, now looking at a real life Lottery draw it works the same way. There are millions of people who claim to have lucky numbers in the draw, covering every ball number in the draw. Is it not possible to have all the balls in the draw drawn because everyone has one of them as their lucky number? Just like the previous simple scenario, luck canít help draw everyoneís number at once! Sure the lucky number will come out eventually but itís not luck, itís the odds coming into play again where every ball gets drawn eventually.

In reality if luck really did exists you would have just as much luck choosing any number in the draw. Why? Every number in the draw is lucky to someone. You can use someone else lucky number as it might be their Ďlucky turní and you will then be cashing in on their lucky number. So simply choose any number, they are all lucky, if luck does exist that is. If luck doesnít exist, none of them are lucky so choose any number also.

Can you pray for your lotto numbers?

While thereís no doubt there has to be a God or higher being. (See the blue box to the right)

Can you pray for your lotto numbers to be chosen?
Firstly lets look at the logistics. God is all-powerful and nothing is impossible for him. What happens when millions of people pray of their lotto numbers to turn up?

God would have quite a task on his hands to fulfil millions of draw combinations in 1 draw to answer everyone who prayed for their numbers.

Ok so if this God so powerful and can do all anything consider these other impossibilities even God can not do:

(due to the Human body, nature in general and the universes physics being far far far to complex to be developed by chance, there has to be a designer and builder behind it all. There is no way something as complex as a watch can fall together and work marking perfect time, just like hitting keys on a keyboard at random doesnít write a perfect novel, even after trillions of years. The human body is so much more complex than a watch. There has to be a designer mastermind somewhere. My guess is itís this God talked about in The Bible, the oldest most solid theory book that has never changed its theories over thousands of years, unlike other theories such as evolution that keep changing. This is however another debate all together)
What happens when one person prays for a day of rain and another of equal faith prays for a day of sunshine at the same time, while standing next to each other?

Can God make a rock too heavy that he canít lift it?

While I think God somehow could possibly find a way to get everybody who prays for their numbers to be drawn in one day (e.g. having everyone who prays for their lotto numbers to pick the same set of numbers that week. Imaging the small amount youíd have to share in winning however) I think there are a few other issues as to why prays for lotto numbers arenít answered.

Apart from the logistic nightmare of full filling all prayers for their lotto numbers thereís another level why prayers generally will not work.

Firstly I donít think God is in very much favor with gambling.

Secondly is the dream of winning the lotto for personal selfishness? eg, to buy a big car, house, boat

Thirdly God answers prayer to those with faith (Matt 17:20), in need (Matt 7:7) and with sincere hearted intentions. Not to many would fit these 3 characteristics in there lotto prayers. Admittedly a few would which would fall into the next category why lotto prayers are not generally answered.

God knows everything from the beginning to the end. He knows every hair on your head (Matt 10:30) atom in your body and exactly how you think. Also he knows whatís the absolute best for you. He knows what would happen to you and your family if you won the lottery.

As humans we see the lottery as our way to success but we have no future views into our lives. If we did, we may chose not to win the lottery and continue as life as normal. There are many many stories of people who win the lottery and just canít cope, families break up over money issues or it all gets spent and their worse off having quit their job and trod on peopleís toes. The old saying you canít buy happiness is true! Sure Iíd love to win the lottery and most people would but God knows best. I think Iíd rather someone like God lead my life then my human error filled decision-making powers or money form a lottery. Better to be rich and 'dead' or alive and poor?

Buying tickets or investing?

Hypothetically a group of people all given something like $50 to spend every week over a year, either lottery, horses, gambling, stock market, investing on in a bank account with interest. Who do you think would have the most money after 1 then 2 then 5 years? Mr. Banker would have $2,600 after 1 year + interest, $5,200 in 2 years + interest and $13,000 after 5 years + interest! 

I'm guessing that a good investor could earn even more than the above!

After entering the lotto, gambling or horses my guess is that unless your 1 in a million chances came up, (extremely unlikely) you would of spent $13,000 in 5 years and won possible $1,000 if you were lucky! Thatís a $12,000 loss!

The lotteries would hate me for saying this but you have far better chance of earning more money buy saving large amounts of money per week the spending large amounts of money in lotteries or other gambling. How much do you spend over how long so far? Try adding up what you spend per year and what you have won.


The old question about psychics. Why donít they just "see" the winning numbers and go win the lottery? 

I've heard them say that they claim they canít pick things like Lotto numbers for personal gain.

Why then are provable things like picking lotto numbers unable to be attained but telling you obvious things like that your father had a mother and you have a front door to your house so amazing and cost you a fortune? There are side issues as to how Physics get their Ďinformationí but that is another discussions all together. I think youíd be better off spending your money on, dare I say, the lottery then seeing a physic.

How to guarantee winning the Lotto every time!

This is a fool proof way to win the lottery every time. To guarantee you win in a lotto draw you have to buy every set of number combinations possible. Unfortunately there are millions of different combinations. If you did buy every ticket combination the prize you win would be less than what you spent on all of the tickets! So it is possible to win the lottery garneted but youíll lose a fortune doing it! AS for super draws where the prize is bigger than every combination may cost, remember super draws, though have a super jackpot also have many, many winners because more people than normal enter. So you lose out again, sorry.

How you can better you chances in Lotto.

I havenít seen them but there are some videos here that claim to help you better your chances of winning. However see the next topic below for an alternative to this question.

How you can better you prizes in Lotto.

Now hereís something useful to all those who play the lottery. We have proven above that luck doesnít exist and Due and frequent numbers are not consistent so with this in mind, making any number pickable there are numbers that you can choose so if you do win you will be the only 1 or 2 people who do that draw. If youíre going to win you might as well win the most you can!

Lotteries work on the Ďsplit the winningsí concept. If 1 person wins the million draw they get a million, if 2 people win they get it divided by 2, half a million, if 10 people win they get $100,000 and as an extreme if a million people won it, $1 each!!!!

So in order to win the most money the concept is to have numbers that no one else has picked!

Hereís a couple of numbers to steer clear from to increase your chances of a single division 1 prize

  • Numbers 1 Ė 31 (birthday dates are the most common choices to avoid)
  • The Numbers 7 & 13 are very popular Ďluckyí numbers to keep clear of

Finally here's a little something for all those logical puzzle people or phycologist's out there.

Do you pick the least likely numbers picked or will a lot of Ďsmartí people pick those? So then do you out smart and pick the second most likely numbers or are there smart people who have done that too. So do you pick the next least likely numbers or have the Ďsmarterí again picked those.

Off the topic, here's another little teaser for you to work out.

(Itís Sunday now, the first day of the 7 day week) "Iím taking you out for dinner this week but you wonít know which day it will be on as itís a surprise. Can you figure out what day you are going out on? 

It canít be Friday night because by then you will know that there is only one night to go so it wouldnít be a surprise. So then it canít be Thursday night because you know it canít be Friday night and so would have to be Thursday night. But it cant be Wednesday night because you now know it can t be Friday or Thursday night and so by the time it was Wednesday you would know it was that nightÖand so on until you get to Sunday (today). Is it possible to get a surprise which night it is?

e-mail me with your solution I have no idea yet!

Overdue numbers

Another common way people pick numbers is to look at charts and see what numbers are due (havenít been drawn for a long time) or common (appear more frequently than others). So which is it? Numbers that will be drawn again or numbers will be drawn because itís their turn? You canít have both.

Each ball has the same chance of being drawn randomly. Over time balls will be missed or used over streaks, when the streaks start and stop is just random.

Try flipping a coin and seeing how it falls. You will get streaks where one side lands over and over again. Will the next flip be the other side because itís due or will it be the same side again because itís so frequent?

Unless the draw is rigged this method has absolutely no credit to choosing lotto numbers

Sticking with the same numbers

If you play the same six lotto numbers each week are your chances of winning the lottery increased?


But what about the law of averages. For example if the lotto was only 1-10, and I kept picking 5 every week, it's eventually going to hit.  Same principle?

Eventually '5' will come up, but if '3' was drawn on week one there is no reason it won't come up again next week. The odds of 3 or 5 coming up are exactly the same each week, so it doesn't matter whether you pick the same number or a different number as the draw has been reset and has no ties to the previous draw.

If what you're saying is true, then would you feel comfortable using the winning numbers from last week on this weeks picks?  Because what are the odds that the same winning numbers would appear twice in a row?

I see your Logic and confusion also.
The odds of your numbers coming up in this weeks draw are 1 in a million
The odds of the numbers coming up this week matching last weeks are 1 in a million. There is no relation between each weeks draw, they start form scratch, exactly the same numbers, balls, system each week so each week is independent. The balls don't have brains or habits and can't determine what will be picked. There is 1 in a million chance that any combination will come up, even ithe combination of last week.

So why don't we see consecutive sets of numbers being drawn, or even numbers that have been drawn and have never been drawn again?

The same reason you number never get drawn. There are over 1 million combinations of lottery number sequences that can be drawn and there has probably been under 1000 lottery draws so far in your lottery. The chances of your numbers or the same sequence of numbers as last weeks coming up is so remote, due to the large number of combinations to choose from, and so that's why you don't see the same numbers coming up. It gives the false impression that once a set of numbers comes up it doesn't come up again. 

I see, so what your saying is that there's no advantages if I pick the same numbers or different numbers either way.

Yup, sorry.