About my collections

  B.M.W.s - theme park maps - bullet shells - competition Paddle Pop sticks - phone cardstransportation tickets

B.M.W. models

I have:

and no, I don't own one... yet!


Theme park maps

I have recently started collecting theme park maps and brochures.

I specialize in Disneyland and Dreamworld items

I would love to get e-mail from other map/brochure collectors.


Bullet shells

I have thousands of used cartridges ranging from the size of a tic-tac to a golf bag!

and no I don't own a gun!

Competition Paddle Pop sticks

I have collected more than 850 wooden ice cream stick paddle pop lick-a- prize sticks for years and have won heaps of prizes! 

Click here to see the collection


Phone Cards

A part time collection of 180+ cards from around the world.


Transportation & Entrance tickets

Another part time collection of Bus, Train & Tram tickets and entrance Tickets to exhibitions, zoos & theme parks