Aussie Ticket News Archive


Now closed, here you'll find interesting news on the Australian Lottery in the years 1999/2000 and interesting scratch tickets that have been issued.


What's the record amount of winners?

The record for the most Division One winners in a single draw was 150. The 150 people each won A$15,427 in Tattslotto on 24 July 1993. The Division One prize pool was over $2.3 million

  • Victoria - October 2000
    3rd time Division 1 winner!

John Dent (55) of Victoria has won the lotteries Division 1 for the the 3rd time!
The first time was in 1976 winning $42,000. The second time was in Nov 1998 as a syndicate winning of $41,000 of the $373,000 prize. Now in Oct 2000 he won $810,000.
When trying to come up with the tricky odds of 1 person winning division 1 three times a mathematician came up with the odds of 1 in 540,359,590,097,466,216,000 or in other words 540 billion, billion to one!

  • New South Wales - September 2000
    New Lotto terminals

N.S.W. are getting brand new terminals where the customer can put there own lotto coupons in like the TAB!!!

  • Australia - August  12 2000
    Sky Advertising

I was driving home from church and saw a plane flying around with one of those message manners flapping behind it! It was advertising a super draw ticket for that Saturday night! What next! Moon bill boards?

  • Australia - June 00
    Scratch birthday cards

I just noticed today that Hallmark have released a range of Cards (for birthday's etc) with a question and 3 or 4 scratch off panels on the front, all with different answers under them. You can read on a separate bit of paper in the shrink-wrap card/envelope package what is under the scratching areas. Great Idea! 

  • Victoria - June 00
    Winter Heats up

A new $4 game called 'Beat the Heat' has come out where you scratch 4 thermometers and see if your temperature beats the record. Hot game but why it was brought out in winter? Maybe ambitious thinking or just a psychological winning sales name for the cold weather.

  • New South Wales - March 00
    More Smells on a $1.10 ticket

A third Scratch and sniff ticket has been created, 'DOUGHNUTS'. What's interesting is that usually Australian tickets have "$1 incl. 9c Comm." written on them however these 3 sniff tickets have "$1 Plus 10c Comm." and literally cast you $1.10. I don't know why it's not included. They might not be making enough profit on such a small ticket.

  • Victoria - January 00
    Almost Pull Tabs

Tattersall's has introduced a 'pull the tab off and match the number on the poster' game. It's called 'Tattslotto Instant Gold'. For every 18 game 'quick pick' you buy you receive the card game which offers 20 gold bars to be won worth $2,000 each. We haven't seen any games like this in Victoria since I can remember.

  • Australia -  January 00
    Million dollar Ice creams

Here we go again. Following the recent influx of lottery draw promotions is a new one where you buy a box of ice creams and you get 4 draw chances for an Oz Lotto draw (No. 316 - 319) in ever pack. What next! 

  • Western Australia -  December 99
    You can't loose!

A new $5 W.A. ticket 'Christmas Gift' W19 claims 'Every ticket wins a prize'.
This way in stead of giving a scratch ticket for a Christmas present and them loosing you know they will win. If you think it's a sure way to get rich then think again. This $5 ticket has mostly prizes under $5 and even then the prize can be a free $2 Scratch ticket, which will probably loose anyway.

  • Victoria - 31 December 99
    Free $21 Million jackpot tickets for new years eve draw

Tattersall's is having a $21,000,000 lotto draw on new years eve 1999, DRAW No.1925. 18 free games entries come with every 90c Herald Sun Newspaper on December 23rd. You can only win on 1st and 2nd division with the free tickets.
My tip: The newspaper tickets are great value but there's so much promotion, so many entries, so many winners, probably no millionaires.

UPDATE! 2 Jan 00
Well, no one likes it when someone says "I told you so" so I won't say it now but here's what happened:

  • 8 million entries (17 million or so people in Australia)
  • previous record in Australia was 3.7 million entries
  • 2.5 million sold on Friday alone
  • 947,352 division 2 or less winning entries
  • 25 division 1 entries
  • all got $840,000 (not even close to $21,000,000!)

  • Victoria - 11 December 99
    3rd Time Unlucky! - Balls don't Drop 

After an impeccable record over its history it's the 3rd time in 4 months that a lottery drawing machine has malfunctioned on live television. Tattslotto draw 1919 (Victoria Australia) was meant to start its usual routine of dropping the set of 45 balls, mixing them and then selecting them one by one but.....nothing happened! the 2 presenters stood there 'hinting' for the draw to start a couple of times as they had finished there little pre draw blurb but nothing happened. The problem was said to be an electrical fault possible from a power surge.

  • New South Wales  - November
    Cluedo NSW $3 G149

    Its fantastic to see the innovations coming out in the 'extended play' scratch tickets. For years we have had Bingo and have more recently seen games such as Crosswords, Snakes & Ladders and Monopoly. Now Cluedo has arrived!
    You have to scratch the rooms and slowly eliminate the suspects, rooms & weapons and you end up with 1 of each left, you then reveal the solution to se if it matches your suspects. You win a random cash prize for each matched correctly and can win up to 3 times. It's a great ticket!!!

  • New South Wales  - 8 November 1999
    Pay if you lose

    Numerous times there have been promotions that if a store assistant doesn't ask if you want to buy a scratch ticket when you are purchasing a ticket you receive one free. A promotion is now running IN NSW where if you buy 7 joined $1 scratch tickets and don't win anything they will pay you $10.

  • Queensland  - 99
    $4 Torpedoes Q95

    A cool battleship type extended play ticket. You scratch the coordinates and win prizes for each ship or mine you sink.

  • Australia - 21 August 1999
    2nd time unlucky, Tattslotto draw No.1887 malfunctions too! 

After years of faultless operation the second lottery drawing machine has malfunctioned in a week. This time it was Tattslotto's turn. Instead of 10+  balls flying out like in the oz lotto draw (see below)  this time 1 ball got stuck! 

On an interview after the first malfunction a radio announcer interviewing the lottery person said "maybe we can place bets on weather the machine will break down" the lottery reply was that the odds would be so greatly stacked against a break down that it could be thousands (or millions, I can't remember)  to 1. The announcer said he'd take the odds and put $1 on it, jokingly. Well he should of cause he'd now be a rich man!!!

  • Australia - 17 August 1999
    Oz lotto draw No.287 goes into a frenzy!

An Australia wide Lottery draw, Oz Lotto, went wild when the machine started drawing numbers so fast that they had to declare the draw to be void and bring in a spare machine to complete the draw.  There is a minor uproar from people who had the 'void' numbers.
The lady who was hosting said she often joked about what she would do if something wrong happened as she would have to fill in 2 minutes. On a remark that this footage would be shown around the world as a blooper she jokingly admitted "of all the nights, it was a bad hair night too!"

  • Victoria - 1 June 1999
    Countdown 2000

The first year 2000 themed scratch tickets have hit the market. $4 'Countdown 2000' ticket has 5 games one of which you have to reveal YR2000  and another one where you need the sequence 3,2,1, to win. Pretty cool!
UPDATE!: I thought some would get tricked with the 321 sequence, all other tickets ask for three of a kind, I have already found a 321 ticket (won $5) that someone probably was looking for 3 of a kind! I'm finding heaps not scratched correctly too!

  • Victoria - 26 May 1999
    Heart attack - winning ticket - and a second winning ticket!
    The Age newspaper

Bill Morgan's luck changed last year after his heart stopped beating for 14 minutes and 38 seconds.
The 37-year-old truck driver from Cranbourne said that when his heart started again he began a new life and an amazing run of good luck, capped yesterday when he won $250,000.
Two weeks ago, Mr Morgan won a $27,000 car after buying the last Tatts scratch ticket in stock at his local newsagency at Cranbourne.
Asked to re-enact his win yesterday at a stunt set up by Tattersall's for the media, Mr Morgan scratched the panels on a $5 ticket, paled and said: ``I just won $250,000.'' Before bursting into tears, he said: ``I think I'll have another heart attack.''
Mr Morgan's lucky streak began in April last year when he drove himself to Dandenong Hospital after having a heart attack.
He was treated with a drug to which he suffered a severe allergic reaction. His heart stopped and he went into a coma.
``The doctors said I had a very slim chance of coming out of it and even if I did they thought I'd be very badly brain damaged,'' Mr Morgan said.
``They were about to switch off the life-support machine, but decided to transfer me up to the Alfred Hospital at the last minute.''
On Anzac Day last year, after 12 days in a coma,
Mr Morgan regained consciousness. He suffered no ill-effects apart from some temporary short-term memory loss.
Mr Morgan celebrated his ``one year of being alive'' by proposing to his girlfriend, Lisa Wells, 32, on Anzac Day this year.
His good fortune continued when he bought the scratch ticket.
Gerry Devine of Tattersall's thought it was such a great story that he invited the media to the Cranbourne newsagency yesterday for the presentation of the car keys to Mr Morgan, who had taken time off from a delivery for the presentation.
Dazed at his latest luck, he rang his boss to say he had to take the rest of the day off.
``My boss wasn't happy. He said he couldn't afford a replacement driver, so I told him to pay them with my money,'' Mr Morgan said. ``I wasn't in any state to be driving a truck. I'm still not.''
He plans to buy a bigger house (``something with a nice garden'') and invest the rest of his windfall. ``It's not enough to retire on so I'll keep working and I'll still buy the occasional scratchie. Who knows, I may win again.''

The Age newspaper

Some members of the public think that this event was rigged in order to promote the lottery company here are some for and against arguments, make up your own mind.

It was set up because...
  • This man had a 'sob' story and would look god being helped by the lottery company
  • The chanced of winning 1 big prize is so remote that winning 2 is impossible to conceive
  • There just happened to be a film crew there to film the event, great ratings!
It was real Because...
  • The lottery company would not promote the fact that the major prizes for a ticket has been won, who's going to buy that ticket now?
  • Everyone swears that it was legitimate, from the reporter to the recipient
  • Someone's got to win

  • South Australia - May 99
  • BMW!

This probably doesn't mean much to you all but finally I have found a scratch ticket with a BMW on it. I have 60+ BMW models and so I guess you could say they are my favourite. It's a Z3 on a $5 South Australian ticket. Unfortunately it's a drawing but it's better than nothing.

bmw.jpg (8798 bytes)
If anyone has a copy of this ticket contact me!!

  • Victoria - April 99
  • Milk Money

    Just purchase any specially marked "Tattslotto Milk Money" 2 litre milk bottle from your local supermarket or milk bar. Printed on the bottle will be your one free Tattslotto game together with the relevant Tattslotto draw alongside the use by date.

    Simply watch Channel 7 for the relevant Tattslotto Draw on Saturday night. If the numbers on your 2 litre milk bottle match then you will share in millions of dollars.

  • Queensland - April 99
    $5 SET FOR LIFE Q041

$50,000 A YEAR FOR 25 YEARS!
Queenslanders will have the chance to be 'Set For Life' with Golden Casket's new $5 Set For Life Scratch ticket. An Australian first which offers players the chance to win a top prize of $50,000 a year every year for 25 years.

All you have to do is buy the new Instant Scratch-Its 'Set For Life' ticket and scratch each game panel.
Match three "SET FOR LIFE" symbols in the bottom game panel an you've won the big one - $50,000 a year for 25 years!

UPDATE: NSW also came out with an equivalent, $4 Win for Life G180 which pays 50,000 for 20 years.

  • New South Wales - March 99
    Scratch and sniff

2 'scratch and sniff' ticket have been  produced (NSW ID137 $1.10 "Go Troppo" and NSW $1.10 Go Bananas ) It has a strawberry like sent from what I can smell.

  • Australia

People in Australia who go through bins looking for used scratch tickets are called "EMU's" (an Australian version of an ostrich) buy the lottery ticket sellers.
This is because Emus
bob up and down pecking on the ground for food and Ticket collectors bob up and down as they pull the tickets out of the rubbish bins!