Australia's scratch ticket history

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The beginning of the lottery in Australia had its roots in 1881 when George Adams introduced a sweepstakes tied into the Sydney Cup Horse Race. Queensland was the first state to officially hold a lottery in 1916. The Golden Casket Art Union awarded prizes called "Caskets." New South Wales launched their lottery in 1931, and Western Australia in 1932. Victoria started their lottery in 1954, and South Australia established their lottery in 1966. The Northern Territory recently began lottery and Sample Void instant tickets are in existence. Tasmania, however, does not have their own lottery at this time, they use the same Tattersalls tickets as Victoria produces

New South Wales introduced instant tickets in 1982, and Queensland began their instant tickets in 1984. The dates of the other Australian states and territories issuing their instant tickets are not yet known.

Instant tickets from Queensland had their start with the Golden Casket Art Union and many of their early tickets did not have a ticket code to differentiate them. Eventually a number was listed on the ticket back and on some tickets there were different numbers in its sequence. Queensland began their numbering system on the ticket front with a Q followed by a code number.

South Australia had a similar sequencing number, first on the back and more recently on the front of its tickets. Their recent tickets had a repositioning of its numbers when it was placed above the bar code.

New South Wales has utilized G and K prefixes with its numbers on some tickets, but mostly the ticket code is on the front with just the number by itself.

Victoria lottery tickets began with no numbering system, but eventually changed to have its number below the bar code on the back.

Western lottery tickets began with no numbering system, then changed to use the sequence numbers on the back, then placed a prefix W with a number on the front of the ticket.

It is not known what ticket code Northern Territory uses as the Sample Void tickets in my possession do not typically contain this information. The Northern Territory now uses the same Tattersalls tickets as Victoria produces