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  • 1-Day Disneyland & California Adventure Hopper ticket (both parks on one day) WITH TRANSPORT - [view ticket offer]
Disneyland Tickets
  • Disneyland 2-Day, 3-Day, 4-Day, 5-Day & 6-Day
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Southern California
  • A booklet with these tickets 30% off: 3-day Disneyland Resort Hopper, Universal Studios, Sea World and  San Diego Zoo or Wild Animal Park - [view offer]
Other Californian
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  • Many Californian experiences, including: Rent a Bike, Kayak, Jet Ski, Sailboat. Go Bungee Jumping or Whale Watching. Take a Segway or Helicopter Tour. All this and much more! - [view all]
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Disneyland Tickets FAQ's

What's a Park Hopper Ticket?
Disney Hopper Passes are tickets that allow you to enter both Disneyland and Californian Adventure theme parks (their entrances are next to each other) and go back and forth between parks on a single day. On a normal ticket you may enter say Disneyland but not then leave and enter Californian Adventure with out another separate ticket.

How many days do I need to visit?
The Disneyland resort consists of 2 theme parks, 3 hotels, 85 attractions, 21 shows, 3 parades, 70 restaurants and 91 shops. That's a lot to see and do. The amount of time you spend at the resort usually depending on your time, money and enthusiasm but for the average person it's recommended that you spend a minimum of 2 days in Disney land and 1 day in Californian Adventure

Can I leave a park and re-enter?
Yes, when you leave, (for lunch, dinner, a rest or swim)  simply ask for a hand stamp. You will be allowed back in later that same day. Be sure to keep your admission ticket and also not to wash off your hand stamp. 

What is a Fast Pass ticket?
A free ticket service available to everyone inside the park that lets you 'jump the long queues' on some rides.  (see here)

How old is a 'child' for admission tickets?
Adult admission is for ages 10 years and up.
Child ages are from ages 3 to 9 years.
Children under 3 are free.

What is an E ticket?
A very old ticket system no longer used at Disneyland. Tickets with letters A, B, C, D & E let you ride different 'quality' rides. An 'A' ticket was worth the least, valid for small attractions, but an 'E' ticket was worth the most, valid for the best rides.

Is it pay per ride does admission covers all?
The admission price covers all rides for unlimited times until the park closes - excepts for things like arcade type games-which are pay per use.

Where is the best place to buy tickets?
While entry tickets are available at the front gates
or from some close hotels, you can save time and money by getting your tickets cheaper online. For the cheapest park tickets we recommend checking out our deals on this page - the best deals we can find on the internet

What time of year should I go to avoid queues?
This can really make or break your visit. Check out our page on Disney Park Attendance for heaps of helpful figures, hints, tips and even a book to help break that queuing boredom.

Where is close discount accommodation?
We have a Hotel Guide for the Disney theme park areas to help point Disneyland fun seekers to the closest and best hotel options. Our guide includes an aerial map, along with price comparisons, star ratings and a discount booking service so you can skip travel agent commissions and get special rates only available online. All this and more at our Hotel Guide



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