Splash MountainDisneyland's Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain Facts:

  • Ride type: Flume ride (log ride splash down)

  • Theme:  The Story of Brer rabbit leaving home, getting into and out of trouble as in the video Song of the South.

  • The Mountain is known as Chickapin Hill, the lair of Brer Fox, as seen in the video Song of the South. and used in Brer Rabbit storeys.

California, USA
Disney World
Florida, USA
Tokyo Disneyland
Ground Raising:  24 April 1987    
Dedication Ceremony: 17 July 1989    
Guest Opening:  18 July 1989    
Cost:   $17 million US (in 1989)    
Length: 2,863 feet, (1/2 mile, 873 meters) 2,600ft  
Mountain Height: 84 feet (25.6 meters) 87 feet  
Biggest drop Height: 52.5 feet (16 meters, five-storeys) 52.5 feet (16 meters, five-storeys)  
Biggest drop Angle: 47 degrees 47 degrees  
Total Square Footage: 2.3 acres 9.2 acres  
Ride duration: 9 minutes 30 seconds (varies) 10 minutes 30 seconds (varies) 10 minutes (varies)
Speed: Average: 12 mph (19 kmp/h), Max: 45 mph (72 kmp/h) Max: 45 mph (72 kmp/h)  
Logs: 46 logs, 15 second intervals (varies), 4 logs per minute  240 logs per hour 56  
Riders: 5 riders per log, 38 logs at once, 190 riders at once, 1,200 riders per hour
(was max 7 riders per log in 3 seats: 3,2,2, now 5  riders per log with individual seats since May 2002)
8 persons (side by side seating) 8 persons (side by side seating)
Restrictions: Minimum height 40" (102 mm). Must leave wheelchair. No expectant mothers.   Children must be over 1.02 metres (40 inches) or who are over 2 years of age.
Water System: 4 main pumps; 20,000 gallons per minute (75,686 litres p/m) water flow at any one point; 475,000 gallon (1,797,540 litres) reservoir capacity 28,000 gal. per min.; 950,000-gallon reservoir capacity  
Residence: In 15 scenes there are 105 audio-animatronic figures 68  

Splash Mountain Lyrics:

Splash Mountain ride and Song of the South song lyrics - here

Race inside Splash Mountain!

Walt Disney World Quest:
 Magical Racing Tour

You can actually race inside Disney theme park rides!

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Haunted Mansion
Haunted Mansion

Splash Mountain
Splash Mountain


  • Many tracks to choose from!!!

  • Adventure-'story' mode.

  • Time Trials and Multi Player

  • Rumble Compatible

  • Heaps of shortcuts, alternative routes and secret bonus track'(s?)



Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

  • Ride your own mini Train Cart 

  • See a goat chewing TNT, skunks, dancing cactus and Tee pees, waterfalls and a caving in cavern.

  • the famous dinosaur skeleton comes to life!

Haunted Mansion

  • Ride a doom buggy with the Grim grinning Ghosts music playing

  • Travel through scenes such as the The Endless Hallway, "Ghostfather" Clock, Madame Leota's Sťance Room, Grand Ballroom, stretching room, ball room, attic and graveyard.

  • See pretty much every scene and character from the actual ride

Splash Mountain

  • Rid in a log with Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah music

  • Take short cuts and ride the big drop into the Briar Patch

  • See Brer bear, fox and Rabbit along with the paddle streamer.

Pirates of the Caribbean

  • In you boat , Yo Ho Yo Ho along

  • Many many alternative routes to take in order to see all the scenes form the ride.

  • see the auction of women, dog with the key and the prisoners, dunking man in the well, firing ship scene, burning city and more.

  • lots of water cascades to ride up and down on and  

Space Mountain

  • Ride the roller coaster with the actual official same ride music of Space mountain

  • power lift hill, stars asteroids and many alternative routs if you find them

Jungle Cruise 

  • Ride in your own mini Jungle cruise boat

  • See gorillas, snakes, hippos, elephants, natives, the rhino and people on the totem poll, crocodiles and more

& more Disney World tracks!!!

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Song of the South
The movie Splash Mountain is based on.

After years of riding on Splash Mountain in Disneyland I finally bought my own copy of Disney's Song of the South movie and got to see how similar the ride is to the movie! I saw many of Splash Mountain's scenes throughout the movie and grew an understanding of many aspects of the rides theme such as:

  • the drop into the Briar patch's significance

  • Learn about what goes on in that flash mountain top's tree stump & its name,

  • see the story behind the laughing place and its beeezzz

  • see the fishing frog and many other characters seen throughout the ride

  • even the fencing style in the movie is the same around Splash Mountain

  • also learn how much Brer Bear is being paid to bounce up and down on the rope

  • and heaps more! 

  • Check out the movie here!



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