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Counting Down to Disneyland!
Ideas for passing the time and building excitement as your Disneyland holiday nears.

So you know you're going to Disneyland in 3 months time but are either finding it hard to build the excitement or perhaps the long wait is agony? Here are some methods that will show you how close your trip is and help that anticipation along.

  • Chains
    Build a paper chain with the amount of links as is days until your leave. Colour in, add stickers, add Disney character names / attractions to each link. Then rip one link off every day that goes by.
  • Mousekeeping
    Get some Disney stickers and make up 'mousekeeping' envelopes--envelopes to leave tips in for your hotel maid service.
  • Study
    Go over park maps and guide books so you know the place back to front so when your there there's no time wasted. Plan what you want to do when.
  • Movie of the Week
    Start watching movies (or reading books) that have a Disneyland attraction that is themed after that story/character. Watch a different story, say every Sunday night. This will also enhance your visit because you'll notice parallels between the attraction and the movie as it's fresh in your memory. (see a list here
  • Learning
    We have taken a large plastic container shaped like a teddy bear and put pictures of Disneyland on the front and back. The children are collecting and recycling bottles, cans, juice containers etc. and putting the money in the bear trying to fill it up to help pay for their trip. All the family is helping which adds to their enjoyment as we talk about the trip. We are researching trading pins on the internet with the kids as they think about what theme they would like to collect. Some of the money they raise in the bear will go towards buying the lanyards and the pins. This will be an interactive activity with family having a chance to discuss the history of Disneyland and what activities they would like to participate in when we visit Disneyland in January. Besides building the anticipation of their trip they are learning about money, how to roll it, banking, recycling, working to a goal, and sharing. -Cathie
  • Prepare to come home
    Start getting ready a photo website, blog, youTube or facebook account to put your Disneyland experiences on when you get home. Start getting scrap booking materials together ready to paste you pictures in.

  • More
    Send us your ideas to help others in their wait. E-mail us


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