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Disneyland California Weather Trends and Forecasts 

Disneyland is positioned at about 34 latitude, 118 longitude. The weather is generally fine all year round with the temperature rarely getting too hot or too cold. (And no Disneyland can not control the weather inside the park for those who are curious).

Current time, weather &
 forecast for  Disneyland

    Click for Disneyland - Anaheim, California Forecast 

Weather for anaheim provided by weatherroom.com.
Weather Forecasts

Wet Do's: 

  • Go rain hail or shine! The worse the weather, the shorter the lines, the more attractions you can visit! It's only water!

  • Many attractions are indoors and lots have under cover lining areas too.

  • 'Get wet rides' can have their 'wetting parts' turned down on wet days to keep you a little dryer (but look out in summer!)

Hot Do's: 

  • Take a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and water bottle.

  • Visit outdoor queued attractions in the morning or in the evening such as:

    • Gadgets Go Coaster

    • Autopia

    • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

    • Jungle Cruise

    • Tea Cups

  •  Visit cooler indoor attractions during the hot of the day such as:

    • Pirates of the Caribbean

    • Haunted mansion

    • Star Tours

    • Space Mountain

    • Golden Horseshoe

    • Matterhorn (shaded side queuing area)

    • Indiana Jones Adventure

    • Roger Rabbit

    • Most fantasy land rides

    • Great moments with Mr Lincoln


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