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Disneyland Hourly Attendance & Queue Length

(This graph is an estimate only)


  • Stay in Hotels close by if possible.

  • Get the daily predictions of attendance and queuing times throughout the day for attractions, visit either the Disneyland or WDW Touring Plans website.

  • Wear comfortable shoes.

  • Get there early (at least 1/2 hour before opening time) and take advantage of the shorter waits in line. Up until about 11am attraction lines will be at their shortest.

  • See the most popular rides first (Indiana Jones, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain etc)

  • At about 12 noon do your shopping, in the heat of the day, while the queues are long and the shops are still empty.

  • You can even get your 'shopping' delivered to the front gate so you don't have to carry it around. Just remember to pick it up on the way out :)

  • During the busiest time of the day visit attractions like the Golden Horseshoe, Aladdin, Golden Dreams or Tom Sawyer Island.

  • If you have a Hopper Pass, visit Disneyland in the morning and night but cross over into the less crowded Californian Adventure in the peak of the days attendance.

  • Take your shopping back to your hotel and have lunch and a swim/sleep/rest etc.

  • Wait until about 4:30 - 5pm, if the park is opened late, to came back (bring warmer cloths)

  • While parades and Fantasmic are going, ride lines drop dramatically so if you don't want to see a parade or have already seen Fantasmic (recommend you do) go for it while the queue's are short.

  • The last hour before closing the park empties out really quick. You can get some good rides done then and sometimes a little after the closing time. (they won't throw you out of line if the closing times comes around and there's still 100 people in front of you!)

  • Here's a cool Book/iPhone app which is specifically written for combating theme park queues. We highly recommend thse products as a way to help those queuing blues to disappear. Check it out Here.


  • Don't sleep in and get there late, you'll end up more tired than getting up earlier!

  • Don't think you have to spend the entire day in Disneyland. If you have a rest you will have much more fun than getting really tired all day and then getting grumpy.

  • Don't go shopping in the last hour or so if you can help it. The shops turn into a cattle yard as everyone shops for that last souvenir for little Johnny back home!

Which Disney park on what day?

There is a weekly cycle of attendance numbers in Disney Theme Parks. Here's a quick run down to help you squeeze those queuing times down even further.
  • For the Californian parks:

    • Visit Disneyland on any weekday for a less crowded experience, however the park may be opened for less hours and the evening Fantasmic! and fireworks performances may not be runing. Sundays are less busy then Saturdays.

    • Californian Adventure is less crowded than Disneyland, so go any time that fits around your Disneyland Park visit.

    • TIP: If you have a Hopper Pass, visit Disneyland in the morning and night but cross over into the less crowded Californian Adventure in the peak of the days attendance.

  • For Walt Disney World, Florida, the busiest days are:

    • Magic Kingdom: Monday, Thursday, and Saturday
    • Epcot: Tuesday and Friday
    • Disney-MGM Studios: Sunday and Wednesday
    • Disney's Animal Kingdom: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday


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