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What time of year to visit Disneyland and Walt Disney World
Disneyland Daily Attendance & Queue Length throughout a year

For more accurate daily predictions, visit here

NOTE: This graph is for US Disney Resorts, which include Disneyland, Disney California Adventure & Walt Disney World, Florida (WDW includes: Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney Hollywood Studios & Animal Kingdom) and is very generalised. 
The Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris and Disneyland Hong Kong theme park attendance patterns will differ due to holidays that don't match with the USA.

Crowded Disneyland dates 

Year end holiday break for schools

Martin Luther King Jr. weekend
President's Day weekend
Super Bowl
Spring Break
Easter weekend
Memorial Day weekend
Summer Holidays
4th of July
Labor Day weekend
Columbus Day weekend
Veteran's Day weekend

Year end holiday break for schools

Other days you may want to
d or attend:

Bats Day (Goth Day)

Gay Days


For more accurate daily predictions, visit here.

In addition to the above info:

  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the least busy days.

  • Weekends can be twice as busy as weekdays.

  • Saturdays are busier than Sundays

  • Long Weekends can be 3 times as busy!

  • School holidays for USA (especially LA) can make it 3 times as Busy!

  • Fine weather before forecast rain later in the week can cause lager attendance.

  • A large sporting event in Los Angeles will bring interstate people to town, looking for amusement before/after the event.

  • As a rule, if schools out or there's a holiday of some sort ....Disney parks will be busy!!

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Disneyland Crowd
This image was  taken around the Christmas peak period by Terry U and is not a queuing area, it's the walkways!!
It's what I call the "Cattle Yard". If you visit on one of these days you will need a plan to survive!


High attendance day visits:

+ Pluses:

  • All attractions available should be operational

  • Park should be opened late (long hours)

  • Night time spectaculars should be preforming

  • There is a book and iPhone app all about making waiting in long theme park lines fun. Check it out Here.

- Minuses:

  • You will possibly only get around 10-20 attractions done on a real busy day. With over 60 attractions there is lots you'd miss out on.

  • Your average line up wait will be over an hour, probably for a 
    3 - 15 minute ride. Not a good ratio.

  • For Disneyland, a minimum 3 days for this busy time is recommended (4 if you include California Adventure) meaning is starts to eat into your vacation time considerably.

  • Large crowds tend to make people more irritable and so encountering rude visitors is a good chance, unfortunately.

  • Hotels close by can be more expensive during peak season.

Low attendance day visits:

+ Pluses:

  • Average wait in line could be from 0 - 25 minutes. Amazing but true and heaps better than waiting for an hour+.

  • You will not be hustled and bustled and can take your time.

  • You may be able to complete every attraction in 1 day! Still recommended you visit over 2 days (including California Adventure) to repeat you favourite rides.

  • Hotels close by can be less expensive during off-peak season.

 - Minuses:

  • Night time spectaculars may only be operating on weekends. Make sure you see them!

  • The park will only be opened for a shorter amount of time. This doesn't matter as much.

  • Not all attractions may be operational. They close some to refurbish during 'off peak' times to be ready for the busier times.

  • Larger crowds can add to the atmosphere of the park for some (few I'd say)

 Final word on when to go...

  • Weekends are almost always much, much busier than weekdays are, although Fantasmic sometimes only runs on the weekends. If you can, try and make your multi-day visit cross from the weekdays and into the weekend so you can see Fantasmic. 

  • You most likely you are locked into when you have to go but if you have a choice, go on a low attendance time of year and you will have so much more fun! 

  • If you have to go on a busy time, plan what you want to see and get there at least 1/2 hour before opening time.

  • Rainy days are less busy

  • Super Bowl weekend was traditionally a less crowded time but in modern times it has been busier than a normal weekend - so it may be wise to stay home and watch the game.

  • For accurate daily predictions of attendance and queuing times throughout the day, visit either the Disneyland or WDW Touring Plans website.

  • All in all, if you are really concerned about queues, we suggest you buy the book or app which makes long lines fun. Available Here.

Readers Tips:

Early Mornings pay off
"Our strategy was to pick the rides like Indiana Jones, or the Matterhorn and do them early.  One morning, we rode Indiana 3 times in a row without any lines. and then went on to Pirates and Haunted Mansion.   Another day  I did Matterhorn about 3 times in a row with no more than a 5 minute wait."
- Terry U

The most stressful place on earth
"I just came back from "the most stressful place on earth". since 1974, Ii have gone to Disneyland at least once, sometimes twice, a year. now that I have children, I wanted them to experience the magic just like I always had.

Our trip was the third time my 4 year old twins have gone. we always stay for a minimum of 3 days in the park, sometimes more. with small children you just have too. the first 2 trips we made there we stayed at the Disneyland hotel. it was so wonderful and convenient since the monorail would take us right into Disneyland and back to the hotel. it is more expensive than other hotels in the area, but is worth it when you have small children. unfortunately, when I tried to make reservations for this trip, all the rooms were booked. I should have taken this as a clue not to go. we stayed at another hotel in the area and went ahead. we went to the park 8/3, 8/4, and 8/5. BIG MISTAKE! the crowds were horrible, it was hot, and the guests were the most inconsiderate people I've ever been around in all the trips I've made there. I took a double stroller for my twins, but it broke. I had to rent out 2 strollers for each day we were there. as a single mom, I didn't have anyone to help push a stroller, so I pushed both. I always use caution when pushing a stroller, but in a place that is really meant to be for children and families, I had never been so disregarded as a human. we were stepped on, pushed out of the way (at one point, my daughter was walking and a female pushed her down. she never stopped to ask if she was okay-and there was no one else around so it was very obvious), and yelled at by other guests for being in their path (because the were the only one's at the park!) during the fireworks, adults decided to stand in front of a group of children (mine included) that were sitting on a bench. when some of the parents asked if they would sit down or move, they looked at us as if we were insane.

August Anguish
Never will I go there again in August! It is the absolutely worst time to go. in my opinion the best time to go is in September and February (before or after presidents day weekend). It is usually parents with small children  at that time since the bigger kids are in school. 

The information you have on your page is great. it is very useful for travellers thinking about visiting the park.  I'll be putting your page in my "favus" so I can use this information again. Thank you!"  - Allison M

Spring break breaks
I've always loved going to Disneyland as a kid.  My wife and I took our three children (7, 5, and 2) to Disneyland for the first time Spring break 2005.  Opps, bad call on my part!  What a ZOO!  Hot, crowded, packed. After finally getting through the ticket gates/lines, the first ride we stood in line for was Mr. Toads Wild Ride.  Man, I never recall that one being an E-ticket attraction before, but darn if the line wasn't an out of control serpent winding all around the place.  The Peter Pan line was even worse.  After waiting over an hour in Toad's line we were "about" to board.  The ride broke down.  We'd been in the park over two hours and not a single ride taken.  It was only after 9pm that sanity and good memories prevailed. Stayed till midnight. Between 9pm to 12am the park was great!  The rest of the day is best forgotten. - Mark Bancroft

Superbowl - Super Crowd
My family and I were planning a trip to go to Disneyland and wanted to find the least busy day of the year and go. After all my research I discovered that it was Superbowl Sunday. Wrong! We stayed at the Disneyland hotel and it was sold out. The park was not as busy as x-mas but the wait for several rides was well over a 1/2 hour. The walk-ways were very crowed and it was difficult to navigate with a stroller and our two other children (4 and 2). We did this trip in Feb 2005. We are currently planning our next Disneyland trip. We have three children 5, 3 and 1 3/4 years old and we are planning our trip for the second week of January 2006 (when Ca kids go back to school) and will be staying at the Disneyland hotel from Monday thru Friday. Is this a good time to go. Are the crowds small, short lines and as few people as possible. Hours of operation do not concern me, neither does missing some of the shows.- Salvador Severo


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